TREZOR: Sending From

Here is how you can unlock your wallet, access your ETH and Tokens, and send from your TREZOR hardware wallet:

  1. Go to

  2. Check to make sure you are using an ETH node by looking at the Network Switcher in the top-right corner.

  3. Then, select TREZOR from the list of wallet types.

  4. Select 'Connect to TREZOR'

  5. Unlock your TREZOR with PIN (and passphrase if you have it)

  6. Enter the address you would like to send to in the To Address: field.

  7. Enter the amount you would like to send.

    • You can also click the Send Entire Balance link if you would like the transfer the entire balance.]
  8. If you are sending tokens:

    • Click the orange Load Tokens button
    • Select the token you would like to send from the dropdown
  9. Click Generate Transaction.

  10. Confirm on your TREZOR.

  11. Click 'Send Transaction' on MyCrypto.

  12. A pop-up will appear. Double-check the amount, type of coin, and the address are correct.

  13. Click "Yes, I am sure! Make transaction." button.

  14. The transaction will be submitted. The TX Hash will display. You can click that TX ID to see it on the blockchain.

Need more help? Send an email to with as much information as possible about your issue and we will get back to you shortly.

Please include screenshots, TX hashes, and what browser you are using. Thank you for your patience.