FAQ: Multiple Addresses Showing on Hardware Wallet

"Multiple Addresses Showing on my hardware wallet...which one should I use?"

The style of keys that Ledger, TREZOR, Jaxx, & MetaMask use are known as HD keys. This allows multiple addresses to be derived from a single, master private key.

This master private key is created by your Ledger / TREZOR device in a secure, offline manner. When you first set up the device, you write down the 24-word phrase. This is the only piece of information you will need to access your address(es) again in the future. Keep it safe and never type it onto MyCrypto.com or anywhere else on the web.

You can use any address displayed to you, but it is not recommended that you change the settings or use an address far down the list, as you will have to re-do these steps each time you want to access your wallet. Keep it simple, crypto is complicated enough as it is. :)

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