What to do if you forgot to reveal your ENS bid

If there are other bidders

You can get 0.5% back by manually revealing, as written up here. Unfortunately, you must reveal during the reveal period in order to win the name, or get the full amount back.

If There Are No Other Bidders

As soon as the auction is over, please start a new auction for the same name.

Three days later, reveal your original bid and you will get it. Do not tell anyone else about your name (unless you are emailing us for support because we can't help you otherwise) during this period.

To start an auction via MyCrypto without bidding:
  1. Go to the Send page
  2. Send to 0x6090a6e47849629b7245dfa1ca21d94cd15878ef
  3. Amount: 0
  4. Gas Limit: 500000
  5. Data: [SEE BELOW]
To get your data string:
  1. Go to https://etherscan.io/enslookup?q=yourname.eth
  2. Type in your name and press lookup
  3. Copy the string after "Label Hash [yourname]"
  4. Remove the 0x from the beginning.
  5. Add 0xede8acdb to the beginning.

It should look like 0xede8acdb07aa9c7e03a795d250a2ac48bd73b9c7f8adab69a549cebd97fc157a093a5a4a

Further Reading

Need more help? Send an email to support@mycrypto.com with as much information as possible about your issue and we will get back to you shortly.

Please include screenshots, TX hashes, and what browser you are using. Thank you for your patience.